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Tuesday - Saturday
Come party with us and create something special!
We offer a new and different way to celebrate your Birthday or Special night out!
guided by a professional artist and teacher complete with all the
supplies you need to create that something special.
A paint party hosted by Artcraftcafe is held at our location
or in the comfort of your own home or environment.
The art party includes:
a 2 hour session
all materials to make your birthday party complete:
Canvasses, paints and catering if needed!
Minimum is 8 artists
Costs starting from $25.00 p.p
We also cater teenparties, girls night out and teambuilding!

We will put a great twist on your party!
Everyone goes home with the best experience and above all their own masterpiece!

For more information and availability you can contact Tess via phone:
(+1721 5800462) or email: tess@artcraftcafe.com